We can assist you in devising the Monitoring and Evaluation tools you need. Either through an e-based service or directly at your workplace to support your M&E team in the development and the strengthening of your M&E flow.

Database Design On site support Combined support
MySQL, MS-SQL, MySQL/PHP, Oracle Monitoring and Evaluation system troubleshooting Any combined support, database design, cost-effectiveness analysis, program evaluation
SPSS® Indicators Protocol definition support Monitoring & Evaluation systems troubleshooting
Please ask for a free quote From $300 per day From $300 per day

We can develop for you a tailored database that you would access online or through your office’s server.
We know how to collect data and use it. We can help you build a databases system that would speed up your reporting period and help you better share the information with your team and partners.
All our solutions are tailored. It will be fully adjusted to your needs, your indicators and your timeframe.