The M&ELab is Urban Care’s branch dedicated at the development of advanced and efficient M&E systems for the aid sector. Our multidisciplinary team comprises aid sector professionals and strong IT folks. We know about your constraints, we know how to deliver the solutions you need.

Save yourself the pain and the costs of recruiting and managing an internal team for your project. We can assist you on the long-run to develop the organic relation you deserve.

We already have the experience and know-how you need. We know what it is to deal with complex local partnerships. We know about the heterogeneity of your implementation settings. We know about your working cycles. And we know how to produce and maintain the systems you need. We are more than a simple IT company

The Workshop produces your tailor-made solutions.

We can develop for your any combination of website, database, information system management, reporting systems. We can assist your in deploying the solution, and maintaining it on the long-run.

We usually use a SQL/PHP framework and have a talented in-house web designer. We can master the whole process, from graphic design to architecture building and coding. We favor an organic relationship so we can define clearly the objectives of the product and allow iterations on the final system.

We can as well help you troubleshooting your current M&E system. We can work from a distance, and we can fly to your office. It’s up to you, based on your needs.

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