Conztellation gives you information in a painless fashion on your environment.
It gives you access to information from major databases on any country in the world, links to the most important international reports, and an entry to an ever growing source of grey literature.
Conztellation consolidates the most important indicators of your program, allow to centralize, capitalize and share critical information, while allowing you to get a much get grip at your projects. Conztellation acts as an active knowledge management mechanism, allowing you and your team having access to your most important information anytime, anywhere.


Voyager Leo Orion
Enter a vast and ever growing source of information, publish your work and share with our community Access advanced M&E and information sharing mechanism, capitalize your program’s most important information Track your program’s resources allocation and mainstream cost analysis within your M&E plan
Free!Collaborate and share and have access to Moon for US$69 per month
US$490per month per project
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