The M&ELab is Urban Care’s branch dedicated at the development of advanced and efficient M&E systems for the aid sector.


we can design for you any type of databases to manage your project, from clients' information management, to data collection tools, or reporting systems. Our team comprises seasoned aid sector professionals, IT engineers and a web designer. We know your constraints, we know how to address them. See Details


Conztellation is an integrated M&E and Knowledge management system. It allows you to consolidate and share all pertinent information on your programs from indicators to working documents, and concentrates all the pertinent information on your working environment. It can also integrate live cost and cost-effectiveness analysis.

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Deepflows is the latest M&ELab project. It is an online integrated clients management database system, ready to be deployed, in no time. It can be adapted to any kind of program, from nutrition to education and health care projects. Get rid of lousy spreadsheets, access professional databases for a little cost, now. First version to be shipped in May 2014. Stay tuned.